Why do I paint?

Since I was a child, which is now many years ago, I have created .As a child ,I found it hard to concentrate on academic subjects and found myself finding ways to express myself through art.I was very fortunate to have an understanding and encouraging teacher who gave me the confidence to continue my studies in Art.

Before studying my Fine Art Degree in Cheltenham, I working for a while in a small pottery which developed my interest in clay, sculpture and the art of making.I knew that I needed more time to explore and deepen my knowledge so I applied to Art College .

Art college was a time of reading, sharing ideas ,printmaking, sculpture and painting.And althoughI loved all of these , painting became the focus of my creative life.Emotions of a  place or period in time are often themes which I paint, in my bold, bright acrylics,

I hope you enjoy my paintings, find something in them which enriches your spirit and perhaps, inspires you to create!